Monday, February 9, 2009

A Hoy!A Hoy!

Me?Create a blog?NO!Well,being on bedrest,I've officially passed boredom and carried on into the pull my hair out,fall on the floor and have a heart attack phase because I have absolutely NOTHING to do.(Seeing that I live out in the "boondocks" and can't even go for a nice stroll up the road without getting attacked by someone unknown creature or being the prey of some weirdo pervert.)
Anywho,I figured what the hey!?I have nothing else to do so here we go.I'd love to get Adrian to write on here every once in a while but I doubt that will happen.We Will see.
Anywho anywho,I'm gonna make like a tree and leave for now because I have a doctors appointment in the morning(oh the joy of having a strange woman glaring at your va-hoo-haa every few weeks....*sigh*)

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